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SIBS was established in 1999 through integrating and reforming the former eight CAS institutions of biological research in Shanghai. Focusing on human health and sustainable development of agriculture and environment, SIBS is dedicated to pursuing research excellence. On the journey of exploration, multidiscipline approach and collaborative spirit are embraced to speed up our progress. Over the past decade, a good track record of laboratory discoveries has been established, some of which have profound impact in improving human health, bioresources, agriculture and environment. In addition, SIBS has strong commitment on education and training of researchers preparing to meet the future scientific challenges. Through consecutive efforts of the past yeas, SIBS has ranked among the top biological research institutions in China.

SIBS benefits greatly from its solid foundation laid by the former eight CAS institutions, some of which enjoyed the history of more than half a century. Our progress is based on their excellent academic tradition and scientific accumulations. Here I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated pioneers for their tremendous efforts that serve the best interests of science. I would also like to thank the generous support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai government and other social sectors. Moreover, the appreciation goes to the former presidents for their outstanding leadership which advance the mission of SIBS. In addition, I will never forget to thank our faculty, support staff, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Without your diligent work, the success of SIBS is impossible.

As one of the most dynamic fields, life sciences nurture breakthroughs for the improvement of human health, food safety, sustainable utilization of natural recourses and the development of new energy sources, which are vital to people’s well-being , economic growth and social progress. Chinese Academy of Sciences released a roadmap for the scientific and technological progress of China toward the year of 2050. In the area of human health, the blueprint is to establish a generally applicable health assurance system which focuses on prevention and control of the major chronic diseases. It will be featured with prediction and intervention of diseases, comprehensive medical system, healthy and nutritional life style, network of food safety and bio-safety, bio-technology drugs, regenerative medicine, and the physical and mental health of the people. With regard to agriculture technology, the aim is to realize the sustainable use of agricultural resources and guarantee the quality and quantity of food supply through the progress in five aspects such as enhancing plant germplasm resources and improving the breeding technology. In terms of the biomass resources technology, the emphasis will be laid on developing approaches for the exploration and utilization of biological resources to empower advances in new energy and materials, agriculture and food, nutrition and health, as well as ecology and environment.

Facing those major needs of the country and the rapid progress of biosciences worldwide, SIBS is dedicated to advancing its studies toward contributions to the welfare of human society. We look forward to a bright future of continuing research excellence in life sciences.

Welcome to join us on the exiting journey of scientific discovery.

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