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I Overall Goals
To meet the strategic requirement of national public health and medical health, we anchored the international advanced research area in vital infectious disease and new epidemics caused by emerging viruses. Based on the situation of our country and the need of Shanghai development, we utilize the international net of investigation and information provided by Pasteur Institute in France, build key technical platform, attract and bring up academic leader, and organize high efficient research group. Through 10 to 15 years of hard work, Key Laboratory will be innovative and competitive in the field of Virology, Immunology and Vaccine Exploration. By the combination of theory and practice, equal level of scientific research and personnel training, Key Laboratory is to become a first-class laboratory in the world with high internationalization degree and sustainable development ability.

II. Present Laboratory Leader
Laboratory Director: Sun Bing, Principal Investigator, IPS
Academic Committee Director: Cao Xue-tao, Professor, Second Military Medical University; Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Immunology.

III. Research Directions
Focus on the scientific problems related to viral disease which carries a great threat on human health and life, with particular emphasis on the following activities:
- Fast detection technique of emerging epidemic pathogen with the platform construction;
- Fundamental research in virology and molecular mechanism of acute or chronic viral  infectious diseases;
- Investigation of mechanism of immune response to viral infection and the regulation for virus replication caused by antiviral host molecular such as IFN-a/b;
- Study of novel immune strategies and new vaccine exploration.
The chief research content including: identification and characterization of new viruses in emerging viral infectious disease; exploration of fast detection technique for major viral infectious diseases; Fundamental biological aspects for major human transmissible viral infectious diseases: AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, Viral pneumonia, encephalitis, etc; Focus on viral respiratory diseases, such as SARS and avian influenza; Characterization of host immune system of susceptible cohort to major infectious diseases; New vaccine exploration: subunit vaccine, peptide vaccine, DNA vaccine etc.

IV. Grant project
In nearly 5 years, Key Laboratory undertakes kinds of major and key projects amounts to 31 items, including 2 items of National Science and Technology Key Special Project, 2 items of 973 Program, 6 items of National Natural Science Foundation, 3 items of Shanghai Projects and 10 items of international cooperation projects etc.

V. Research Progress
Currently, Key Laboratory has published more than 10 high quality academic theses as correspondent author in famous international journals, such as PNAS, Nature Immunology. And apply 2 international patents.

VI. Research group
The key laboratory contains 13 research groups, including 11 Investigators, 2 Associate Investigators, 4 Guest Professors. Among them, one entitled with Dstinguished Young Scientist”, five entitled with “One hundred talent program”, One entitled in “Millions talent program”, two gained “Shanghai Pu Jiang talent program”, and two as chief scientist for National Science and Technology Key Special Projects.(Detail Information)

VII. Graduate education
The key laboratory has 52 M.S./Ph.D. graduate students, 10 Ph.D. graduate students(three-year course), 8 union training graduates and 3 postdocs.

VIII. Academic communication
From 2005 to 2008, Key Laboratory host 6 international academic conference and 8 professional training course.

IX. Research condition
Baseed on IPS public equipment platforms, we has built up 6 technique platforms:  genomics platform, proteomics platform, image analyzing platform, biosafety laboratory, ion channel platform and transgenic animal platform, which are set reasonably according to their own function.


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