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Shanghai Laboratory Animal Center, CAS (SLACCAS) serves also as the National Rodent Laboratory Animal Center, Shanghai Branch and the National Laboratory Rabbit Center. It was established in 1965 and joined SIBS in 2000. In 2001, SLACCAS was relocated to Jiuting, Songjiang District of Shanghai.

SLACCAS is mainly engaged in preserving laboratory animal resources, supplying laboratory animals, monitoring animal qualities, conducting animal experimentations, developing animal resources, introducing and implementing comparative medical research on animal models and genetic engineering animals, as well as fostering technological and managerial professionals in the field of laboratory animals and providing technical services. SLACCAS follows the international standard for laboratory animal care, production and experimentation, and keeps a close tie with major internationally renowned laboratory animal centers. To provide better support for the life science research, SLACCAS is committed to become one of the best facilities for laboratory animal production as well as personnel training.

In 2003, Shanghai SLAC laboratory Animal Co., Ltd. (SLAC) was established to commercialize laboratory animal production and supply. The establishment of SLAC has greatly increased the annual laboratory animal production. It also made significant progresses in many aspects, such as strain/stock, production scale, management, quality control, and technology innovation.

At present SLACCAS has 128 staffs, of whom 10 are senior staff members, 23 intermediate level technicians. Total professional personnel are 45%. In recent 5 years, SLACCAS has undertaken over 20 national or local government-sponsored research projects with the total grants of 20 million Yuan RMB, received 4 awards for scientific and technological advancement, 12 patents and 3 other intellectual property rights.

The current animal stock in SLACCAS has 150 laboratory animal strains. SLACCAS also produces 20 different kinds of animal feeds for special experiments. Each year, SLACCAS produces about 1.5 million mice accounting for 15% of the domestic market for laboratory animals with a sales volume of nearly 30 million Yuan RMB.


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