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Founded by Chinese cell biologists in 1980, the Chinese Society for Cell Biology (CSCB) is the leading organization to bring the varied facets of cell biology together in China. With its over 3400 members, the CSCB is dedicated to providing an active exchange of information, ideas, and technological innovation among its members, impelling research collaborations,  and strengthening education of cell biology.

Through its conferences, research-oriented journals, local and international cooperation, the CSCB keeps close ties with the development of the modern cell biology and has been actively contributed to the advancement of modern cell biology in China, and the Asian-Pacific area. The CSCB became a member of the International Federation for Cell Biology (IFCB) in 1982 and initiated the foundation of Asian-Pacific Organization for Cell Biology (APOCB) in 1988.

The CSCB has 12 committees:
The Chromosome, Genomics and Protein Committee
The Cell Ultrastructure and Function Committee
The Cell Differentiation and Development Committee
The Cell Signal Transduction Committee
The Immune Cell Biology Committee
The Medical Cell Biology Committee
The Cell Engineering and Transgenic Organisms Committee
The Cell Biology Education Committee
The Neuralcytology Committee
The Functional Genomics and System Biology Committee
The Botanical Organogenesis Committee
The Stem Cell Biology Committee
Journals published by the CSCB:
Cell Research, Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, Chinese Journal of Cell Biology.
The 9th Board of Directors of the CSCB:

President: Gang PEI
Vice President: Yeguang CHEN, Xiang GAO, Dacheng HE, Chunming LIU,
Hongbing SHU, Yixin ZENG, Xueliang ZHU
Secretary-general: Xiaoyan Ding
Vice Secretary-general: Dangsheng LI, Jicheng LI, Chuanmao ZHANG, Jin Yang

Contact the CSCB:
Office: 320 Yueyang Road, Shanghai 200031, China
Tel: 0086-21-54922856     Fax:0086-21-54922857
cscb@sibs.ac.cn     Web:www.cscb.org.cn

320 Yue Yang Road Shanghai, 200031 P.R.China
Tel:86-21-54920000  Fax:86-21-54920078  E-mail: webmaster@sibs.ac.cn